16-26 September 2015


About Amorgos & The Retreat.

The objective of the retreat is to create more awareness of your body, mind and soul. You will get better insight in how you feel, recognize your limits and discover the core values that truly matter to you. With these insights, you will be able to take better care of yourself, become pro-active in taking the right actions to prevent that you deplete your energy and understand how you can strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual power in your daily life. This retreat is especially valuable for:


  • People that want to take a step back from their hectic lives, find inner peace and have time for self-reflection.

  • Yoga practitioners that want to deepen their yoga practice in a holistic manner with intensive and tailored guidance from an experienced teacher.

  • People that want to restore or strengthen their inner energy by working with the chi, body, mind and spirit.

Yin-Yang Yoga- A unique style

The retreat consists of a blend of yin-yang yoga, yoga nidra and meditation sessions. Yin-Yang yoga is a unique style of yoga in which Skadi brings together the best elements of the different body arts; astanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, movement therapy (mensendieck), yin yoga and chi-arts. The yin-yang yoga will help you to create the optimal balance in your yin and yang energy and to reinforce your chi.


In addition to the yin-yang yoga sessions, the program of the retreat includes yoga nidra and meditation. The yoga nidra sessions are focused on deep relaxation of the body including for example guided body scans.


The meditation is focused on creating a peaceful mind by sitting still, looking at your thoughts and emotions, while focusing on the breath.


Level of experience required

The retreat is open to everybody – no specific levels of experience is required.


If you are an Ashtanga practitioner, you are welcome to join the morning mysore practice, and have the option to continue with the afternoon program or opt for free time.


For Yin yoga practitioners, you have the option to skip the morning mysore practice and continue with the rest of the program.

The Program


The retreat consists of a 10 day program . Each day will consist of yin-yang yoga, yoga nidra and meditation sessions.

The program will begin upon the date of arrival with an introduction to the retreat. Additionally there will be 2 clinics during the  10 day's that focus on specific topics.


Agenda day of arrival 

Note: The program below will take place on board the ferry that will transport us to the retreat destination, the trip lasts approximately 8 hours.


17.30: Meet at Piraues port (Athens) to take the ferry.

18:00: Introduction to the retreat on deck.

19:00 Free time to walk around and dinner

(dinner is not included in the price)

22:00-Meditation under the stars

02:00: Arrival at Amorgos

(The agenda for the arrival day will begin at 10:30 with yinyoga)


Agenda for a typical day


07.30-09.30: Mysore ashtanga. (optional)

09.15-09.30: Fruits and tea in silence

09.30-11.30: Yin-yang yoga

11.30-13.00: Brunch

13.00-18.00: Free time

18.00-19.00: Yoga nidra / yinyoga

18.30-20.00: Dinner

20.00-20.30: Meditation


Agenda for departure date 


06:00: Breakfast

07.00: Board ferry at Aegiali Port

10:00-11:00: Retreat closing 

(lunch will be provided by the hotel)

11:00-15:00: Free time to enjoy some sun and fun on board.


The clinics are held from 14.00-16.00 and are optional. People that prefer to relax, take time for themselves or do a massage are free to do so instead of attending the clinic.


The Clinics (included in the package)


- Clinic 1: Anatomy of the body- Specific poses

- Clinic 2: Chakras




10 nights accommodation in Superior room

daily American-Greek buffet breakfast with Amorgian specialities

daily buffet dinner

arrival & departure transfer from/to the port of Amorgos

one free Aroma therapy massage

15% discount on face and body spa treatments

free use of internet

free use of Lalon Idor Spa facilities (sauna, hamam, jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool with sea water, gym)




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