HEALING  (also online)

Take some extra self care and nurture your body and mind.
A healing can help you to bring the energy and body back into balance.
Of course I treat you in accordance with the RIVM's guidelines.

YIN YOGA  (also online)

The Yin yoga classes are gentle but challenging in their own way, allowing you to stretch deeply and open the deeper layers of your body in a safe and gentle way.


This treatment provides relief for all chronic or acute conditions associated with pain.
By working on acupuncture points, trigger points and nerve nodes, InterX reactivates the natural healing process


Read more on Yin Yoga and Skadi in her book " Yoga geeft ruimte".

2023 Yin Yoga RETREAT Italy

This unique small group retreat gives you the opportunity to balance your heart, body and mind in a safe and peaceful environment.

The retreat will be fully guided by Skadi van Paasschen