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How does InterX work

By stimulating the nerves with an electrical current through the skin, you can inform the nervous system to influence your system. This way, the body knows how to heal again. Sometimes the nervous system and the brain are so busy with other things, that it no longer knows how and where it should work and you continue to suffer from your complaint. By working on acupuncture points, trigger points and nerve nodes, we reactive the natural healing process. Due to the electric current, we also work deep inside the cells. The mitochondria (elements of the cell) are repaired, the ion balance is restored and their function gets optimized.

This stimulates microcirculation, release of cytokines, neurotransmitters and opioids allowing vessel repair and pain reduction.

Additionally, the device has an unique measurement technique by which it receives feedback (bioimpedance) from the tissue in order to find the right place to work on. This way the nervous system is properly activated where it needs to recover.


For which complaints does it help
The treatment provides relief for the following complaints:

  • All chronic or acute conditions associated with pain,

  • inflammation,

  • chronic pain,

  • rheumatism,

  • arthritis,

  • fibromyalgia, fibrositis, inflammation of muscles,

  • bursa or tendon inflammation,

  • carpal tunnel syndrome, R.S.I. complaints,

  • back pain, sciatica,

  • burnout, 

  • (sports) injuries, 

  • fatigue complaints,

  • menstrual complaints,

When the patients have the following conditions, is not recommended to follow the interx therapy without consult by the therapist and doctor.

 * Pregnant,

 * cancer, 

 * pacemaker,

 * epilepsy,

 * muscle spasm at the neck, on the mucous membranes,

 * thrombosis,

 * varicose veins


Who is currently using it?

Athletes: Maria Sharapova (tennis) the Giants and Red sox and many more.

Professionals: Astronauts, Military USA and Germany.

University Stanford and Yale.

Medical practitioners e.g. Hospitals, physiotherapy, acupuncturist, doctors.

Why is it so unique?

  • Biofeedback, the device measures the signals of the body that indicate the norm values have been achieved

  • Non-invasive, the treatment works through radiation

  • Very quick & effective, you can see the result already after the first treatments

  • Very specific & local

Description of the device & certificates

Approved by the FDA in the USA.

European quality mark for an effective pain relief device.


Treatment process

Depending of the complaint; 3-16 treatments, 2-3 times a week for circa 45 min.

History of InterX

InterX is a electronic device that is developed by NSG (NeuroSource Group) in Plano Texas in 2004. It was taken over in 2015 by Enterprise Inc. Janice Walker who developed and tested the treatment protocols. The basic technique was developed by the Russian Dr. Alexander Karasev, who developed a device for astronauts to accelerate the healing process of the body in space. This technique? was called SCENAR.

“After a complex foot operation, my foot remained swollen and inflexible even after 4 months.
Already after 5 treatments with Interx, the swelling reduced significantly and the healing process was accelerated such that the flexibility got back to the original state as before the operation. I would recommend everybody with an injury to make use of the simple and effective Interx method to stimulate the natural recovery & healing process.”

Hella, Amsterdam

“... Sinds kort doe ik ook de Inter X behandelingen bij Skadi. Het heeft nu al een heleboel goed gedaan voor spanningsklachten en fysieke kwaaltjes waar ik al heel lang mee loop lijken echt een heel stuk minder te zijn geworden.  Ik ben heel benieuwd wat er nog meer gaat gebeuren tijdens deze behandeling. Ik ben heel blij met Skadi. Niet alléén vanwege haar deskundigheid maar ook omdat ze een hele fijne rustige sfeer neerzet tijdens haar behandeling. Dankjewel Skadi. “
Saskia, Amsterdam

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