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16-23 November 2013

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InnerSpace is just what the name suggests: a Retreat that allows you to sink into calm, reflective time within yourself.


To reconnect, through Meditation, Silence and Yin Yoga, to your Essence; the knowing "you" inside.

If you are new to meditation, this will be an opportunity to learn, explore and develop the principles of a sound meditation practice. If you have already dipped into the depths of meditation, you will have the space, quiet and opportunity to go even deeper and to gain new insights into meditation and it's role in your journey.


The Yossum InnerSpace Retreat is also a chance to experience Yossum. The Yossum Process has existed for more than 12 years and taught in various retreat settings from Spain to India to Holland and more. During the Yossum InnerSpace Retreat there will be guided Meditations, Silence, Yin Yoga and an opportunity to have private sessions with Yossum Founder, Carmen Ornelas or with Skadi. Just make a request during the booking process.


Meditation is a great passion of Carmen. She has taught it for nearly two decades, drawing on a long-standing meditation practice reaching back to a time spent in long periods in silence in the Indian Himalayan mountains and under the wings of some of the most renowned eastern spiritual teachers. Carmen cuts to the chase about Meditation practices, she demystifies and demythologizes it. 


You can stay in touch with the process even after the Retreat through the Yossum online group: Yossum Reconnect. Check out Yossum Support for more information.


Carmen Ornelas
As Founder of Yossum, Carmen leads each retreat into a space of love and comfort while engaging participants with the concepts, knowledge and practical approach to each person’s process. She uses the Enneagram system as a mirror for your inner work as well as her skills at trauma healing and other expressions of her many guiding abilities.

She meets each retreat group and you, personally, where you are at. Her intention is to facilitate a safe space where you can touch your own inner- wisdom to connect with what your next step may be, without any judgements or pre-conceived ideas. 

Sessions with Carmen get fully booked in advance, so please be sure to book time with her in advance when reserving the Retreat.

Skadi van Paasschen
Skadi is a passionate Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher from Amsterdam.

She studied in India with Gabriel Azure, Sarah Powers and Paul Grilly.
Skadi grew up as a talented gymnast and as such has always had a special connection to the human body. She studied the “Mensendieck method”, which is a specialised form of body therapy with focus on the posture, relaxation and breath tailored to a given musician, performer or athlete. She successfully concluded this study in 1995.

Since 2003 Skadi has become a widely studied and traveled Yoga teacher, having achieved high levels in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga disciplines. She loves learning and working with groups and individuals. Her goal is to show people how to care and be aware of the body.

Skadi has been an active student and teacher with Yossum since early 2011.
Skadi is also available for private Yoga sessions during the retreat.


Het Colombinehuis - near Amsterdam

"Het Colombinehuis" is a beautiful Retreat Center near a village called Biddinghuizen just east of Amsterdam. Its only one hour driving time or by train from Schiphol Airport.

Surrounded by a lush forest and near a vast lake, the Colombinehuis is a refuge for serenity and comfort. 

The rooms, with their especially comfortable beds (!), are within several independent houses each with their own living rooms, small kitchens and en suite facilities.



Triple room: € 675,-
Double room: € 875,-
Single room: € 1,175,-

The price includes:
- Accommodation for 7 nights
- Abundant vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily
- All snacks and drinks (this is an alcohol free retreat)
- All group sessions

- Flight costs
- Private sessions (eg. Self Understanding, Yoga, Massage) depending on the Retreat and to be pre-booked online.
- Transportation to and from the Retreat location. But we can support and arrange transportation for participants.
- Any extra activities or services not specifically mentioned as part of the retreat (eg. local transportation, excursions, sauna or other facilities offered by the Retreat location)

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