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Mensendieck is a therapeutic posture and movement therapy invented by Bess M. Mensendieck early 20th century. During the years the therapy has continued to develop and integrate western therapies. This broad knowledge of the human body and mind allows a Mensendieck therapist to diagnose medical problems from a holistic point of view. Where needed the therapist can also suggest other treatments besides Mensendieck for optimal results.


Mensendieck therapy consists of a series of exercises designed to treat and/or prevent physical complaints, incorrect posture or chronic pain. The exercises teach you body awareness and how to move consciously from the centre of the body, following the breath. This results in conscious and gracious movements in daily live, reducing stress and pain and improving your posture. 


Mensendieck and yoga have many similarities. Both are holistic practices with a focus on conscious movement from the core and the union between movement and the breath. They are both very effective methods to treat modern day problems on both the physical as the psychological plane. 

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